EagleEye Mobile AppThe university encourages all students, faculty and staff to download MUPD’s free safety app, EagleEye, as an added layer of security. 

It is the only app that integrates with Marquette University's safety and security systems. The EagleEye app hosts many Marquette safety resources, and anyone — including parents and neighbors — can download it via the App Store or Google Play.

Location services must be enabled and push notifications allowed for full functionality.


In addition to providing maps, emergency procedures and support resources, the app offers important real-time campus safety services:

  • Safety alert push notifications
    Receive the same notifications received via text. (Enable push notification settings on for the app.)
  • Mobile BlueLight
    By tapping a button, MUPD will be dispatched to your device’s location to immediately respond.
  • Friend Walk
    Send your location to a friend so the friend can ensure you get to your destination safely or call emergency services if they are concerned. When you finish your trip, disconnect, and it will stop tracking.

Note that MUPD does not track devices with the EagleEye app installed. Device location information is only shared with MUPD when a Mobile BlueLight communication is activated, and, even then, MUPD does not have a name associated with the device.

EagleEye in the App Stores