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The College of Arts and Sciences initiated the Interdisciplinary Minor in Environmental Ethics (INEE) in Fall 2001 after a two-year effort by Biology, Economics, English, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science and Theology faculty to draft and advance a proposal through the University's approval process.

Research indicates that Marquette is the first Catholic institution to offer a degree in environmental ethics.

     Since its establishment, course requirements have been revised to require students to take six courses from among the following: 

     Biology 2401 Ecology and/or Physics 1009 Earth & Environmental Physics

     Philosophy 3350 Environmental Philosophy and/or Theology 4440 Foundations for Environmental Ethics

     Economics 4016 Natural Resource Economics, English 4931 Literature and the Environment, Journalism 4330 Environmental Reporting and/or Civil & Environmental Engineering 3510

     Arts & Science INEE 4997 Capstone Seminar in Environmental Ethics
     Occasionally the Director of the minor will give permission for LAW and other pertinent courses to be substituted for required courses.  Other courses that are pertinent to the minor are encourged, and the skills and knowledge learned will be utilized during the capstone seminar. 

     Biannual meetings are held for students and faculty to discuss topics pertinent to the minor and to evaluate its adequacy.
     Service opportunities in the Milwaukee area are offered when available.

     Upon completion of the minor, a student is presented with a certificate listing all the courses taken and services contributed.

     The Department of Theology is currently responsible for administering the minor. 

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