In Science & Religion: From Conflict to Conversation (Paulist Press 1995), Georgetown University Professor John F. Haught asks: Was the universe created? Does evolution rule out God's existence? Is human morality reducible to chemistry? Is Earth our "home"? Does the universe have a purpose? Does science rule out God as personal?
     Students in Theology 170 at Marquette University strive to answer these questions according to Haught's informative and cleverly-presented ways of relating theology and the natural sciences -- conflict (a mutually-exclusive approach taken by both biblical literalists and scientific materialists), contrast (a way of keeping theological reflection and scientific pursuit totally separate from one another), contact (a model through which the disciplines can be informed by each other to enable a more cohesive and intellectually satisfying view of issues that converge at their boundaries), and confirmation (the theological encouragement of the quest for scientific knowledge).

     To supplement Haught's presentations, we seek insight on specific topics in Zygon, a premier scholarly journal dedicated to interfacing religion and science.  Zygon articles demonstrate Haught's contact model by providing in-depth dialogue on issues that transcend the limitations of each discipline.

     Following are articles from the 1980-99 issues of Zygon that were identified by Honors Program students Nora Ellen Flaherty in Fall 1997 and Joseph Ziegler in Fall 1999.  In Fall 2006, Dr. Christopher Yeung, a research engineer, doctoral student in Religious Studies, and my research assistant, updated this project from articles appearing in Zygon issues published from 2000 to 2006.  These articles show how theologians and natural scientists can be informed about each others' perspectives sothey are able to speak more coherently about God, the more-than-human world, and the human place within it.  Future Honors Program students will be offered opportunities to add articles that appeared prior to 1980 and to update the bibliography as additional issues of Zygon are published.

Does science rule out a personal God?
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Does evolution eliminate the plausibility of God?
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Is life reducible to chemistry?

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Was the universe created?

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Why is there complexity in the universe?
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Do we belong here?
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Does the universe have a purpose?
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