Upcoming Discussions

Spurred by our University's mission to pursue truth through the mutually illuminating powers of human intelligence and Christian faith, Marquette scientists, philosophers and theologians formed this faculty group in November 1998 to serve primarily as a forum for discussing issues at the boundaries of their disciplines.  The name "Albertus Magnus Circle" was chosen in honor of St. Albert the Great, the 13th century theologian and natural philosopher who is the patron saint of natural scientists today.  In the spirit of St. Albert, who distinguished between knowledge gained through faith and knowledge gained exclusively through human reason but who also perceived their connection, participating faculty identified the following purposes for the group:
     1) To provide a setting within which Marquette professors in the Theology, Philosophy and various science departments can discuss issues at the boundaries of their disciplines;
     2) To nurture respect for one another's disciplines by better understanding their distinctive data, methods, scopes and limitations;
     3) To facilitate sharing with our students an understanding of and respect for our disciplines;
     4) To review a recently published scholarly paper, a Church statement, or a paper-in-progress by a member of the Marquette faculty that advances dialogue among the disciplines;
     5) To initiate or respond to ideas for developing interdisciplinary courses;
     6) To sponsor liturgical celebrations in commemoration of significant people (e.g., St. Albert); and
     7) To bring to Marquette renowned scholars from other institutions of higher learning who are interfacing our disciplines.
Since its launching, faculty discussions have been held on various topics.  All Marquette faculty are warmly welcome to participate.  For more information about the activities of this faculty discussion group or joining its endeavors, please contact one of the following members of the Steering Committee:

Dr. John Karkheck, Physics
Dr. Tony Peressini, Philosophy
Dr. Jame Schaefer, Theology

Contact Dr. Schaefer